Meeting Locations

The Adult Conference Center provides a variety of meeting rooms, including:

  • The Molle Library that can accommodate up to 100 people
  • The Wapner room which has a small stage and fireplace for up to 250 people
  • Break-out rooms for 12-50 people each
  • Outside patios and terraces
  • Self Parking is available

Alonim Dining Hall offers:

  • Indoor space for up to 400
  • Outdoor space for up to 280 guests on the Plaza.
  • Self Parking is available.

Children’s Center offers:

  • Dining Hall -- Space for up to 500
  • Needleman – 3 Meeting spaces for 25-300
  • Rifkind – Large meeting room for 25-350
  • Additional rooms available

House of the Book offers:

  • Two Outdoor locations with seating up to 200
  • Indoor Meeting areas for up to 500
  • Self parking is available

Media support staff provide quality audio visual equipment and services to ensure the efficient delivery of your conference message. For advanced sound systems or staging, we are happy to rent the necessary selected equipment.